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Sewing for your needs, including robes

As I sit here typing this, it is mid-September. For us here in Florida, it is still warm and sunny. Out west in Denver, my daughter has already put her children in long sleeves and wondered if it might snow. The fall colors are beginning their annual performance. What has this got to do with sewing and the pictures? Everything. It's learning to judge your needs according to what you will wear the most. These shirts above came from three Simplicity patterns, yet each is unique because of the fabric. Design #'s are: 3893, 4552, and 7236 and can be purchased at Yes, they're Plus Sized. I'm not a shrimp. I've learned to ignore the pictures and go straight to the sidebar on the left to look at "Front and Back View" which are line drawings without the distraction of someone else's taste in materials. Here in Florida, I invariably choose the versatility of a fabric known as broadcloth, a cotton blend that comes in a vast rainbow o…