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Another UU symbol

I hope this picture shows up.

UU Humanist Symbol

I've been asked to make a stole as a prototype for a seminary graduation. This is the only one I didn't find digitized already for embroidery.

Fw: Cake in a Cup

Subject: Cake in a Cup Here is the recipe for you to send out to 'The Troops'… In a large ziploc bag (or other suitable container) mix and store: ·1 package Angel Food cake mix ·1 package regular cake mix (any flavor) When the "sweet tooth" craving hits, mix in a coffee cup, ramekin (or other suitable container): ·1/3 cup cake mix ·3 tablespoons water Stir well, microwave for 90 seconds and enjoy! 3 PointsPlus Add to recipe as desired – but don't forget to factor in those extra points. Suggestions: ·Add pineapple ring, diced apple or other item(s) prior to adding the mix ·Add a caramel Hershey's Kiss for a 'molten lava' center <2 more points> ·Vanilla, maple or other flavored extract

Vertical Gardening Using Storage Tubs

Now this makes sense to me.

If you took the basic "dirt" formula from Square Foot Gardening, then used any one of the trellis concepts (I'm fond of the PVC because I live in Florida where the metal would be too hot), you could have a vertical garden almost anywhere. Hmm. Thinking this might do the trick for some living privacy screens where I can't put a fence.