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Quilting 101- How to Use the Book and this Blog

I'll start by inserting the scanned page from the book. You'll need to save it to your computer and print it out or look at it with the Zoom feature. After that, we'll discuss it via Comments.

Okay, now for the discussion. I'll post the list of supplies ASAP. I'll post the page with a template or pattern when it's needed.

Once again, I remind you to save the plastic lids to margarine tubs, coffee cans, sour cream containers, and similar plastic lids. You'll need many. Also, save as many of the plastic inserts in bacon packages as you can. These will come in especially handy for some of the larger templates. I've looked at them, and they are some of the most common templates available. You'll want permanent copies. 

I suggest you think very seriously about color schemes. You may have already noticed a theme or color scheme you particularly favor. For instance, I'm well known for loving hot tropical colors like Caribbean blue, hot pink, and gras…

Learning Quilting Together

I've already spoken with TJ about this by phone, since her internet will be out for another few days. She's in, so I'm including her in these emails. (Susan, you may include Elf in this if she wishes.) I'll also be posting this on my Third Infinity blog.

I found among some of the books Karen DeAngelo gave me a book called, "You can be a Super Quilter!" by Carla J. Hassel. (ISBN 0-87069-294-1) I've hyperlinked it to the listing, where it's on sale for cheap if you want your own copy. What a great book! It's like a workbook, taking you step by step through the process.

The plan is for me to scan the pages and discuss them with you, page by page and lesson by lesson. Eventually, we'll all be learning together and doing the "homework" together via the internet. Upon occasion, we can learn about alternative methods using more modern conveniences or options, since the book was written thirty years ago.

However, this book was …

Uses for Ice Cube Trays

Quite a few people have seen me blog about using ice cube trays to freeze chicken, vegetable, or beef broth into manageable cubes for use in recipes. Here are a few more:

Ice cube trays are perfect little organizers.

They can be used to freeze herbs, coffee/tea and baby food.

They stack easily, so use them to organize jewelry, loose change, tacks, paper clips, small screws and bolts or buttons.

They're great to hold different-colored paints for kids or candies, a variety of dips, to grow seeds or as a candy mold.