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Great Last Minute Gift-- Bed Pockets

Organize: Bed Pockets

Great Gifts to Sew

bedside pockets
Simple-to-sew handy pockets.

Tools + Materials
· fabric runner
· sewing machine or needle and thread

1. Fold one end of the fabric runner to the desired pocket depth. We used a vintage emboidered runner.

2. Stitch together the outer edges of the folded portion.

3. Stitch through the folded portion in two places to make three pockets.

4. Tuck the runner between your mattress and box spring, allowing the pockets to hang out. How easy can you get? While I wouldn't necessarily use a vintage table runner, I could see using the basic pattern of a table runner to get the width and sew my own to fit the style of the recipient. Talk about a last minute quickie!