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January Traditions-- Yaaarn!

Knitting and crocheting are the most obvious forms of yarn work, and in the depths of winter they’re a handy craft to know! (No pun intended.) I’ve spent many a winter day snuggled under a crocheted or knitted project, and was almost sorry to give it away!

While both will always have their proponents, even those who are intimidated by the needles and hooks can do the plastic knitting looms currently available in many craft stores.

Do I expect you to knit a sweater or sock your first time? Heck no! The joy is in the learning, and sometimes even a simple knitted square is a triumph with a use. My dear friend makes the most wonderful hand-knitted and crocheted face cloths that beat plain old terry cloth face cloths hands down!

Even I can manage face cloths, and I freely admit yarn crafting isn’t my favorite fiber art. However, my lack of enthusiasm hasn’t stopped me from making the occasional stocking hat, beret, washcloth, or even a bag or two.

So, be a kid again. Pick up a simple l…

January To-Do-- The Witches' Belt

The Witches’ Belt

Spun craft can take a very useful and fashionable turn if you make yourself a cingulum. Depending on your tradition, the cord worn by a witch can have many different uses and meanings.

1. Cingulums are 4-1/2 feet in length so they may be used as a compass to draw the nine-foot circle of some traditions. Some other traditions demand that the cord itself be nine feet in length and wrapped around the body a minimum of three times when worn as a belt.

2. Postulants are bound with a cord for their initiation. In some traditions, this cord becomes their first cingulum. In some traditions, this cord is white to signify the novice. This is not true in all traditions.

3. Practitioners of ceremonial magick may have several knots in their cingulum to measure inner and outer Circles.

4. Some traditions may weave and join cingulums as a witch achieves rank, so her novice’s belt may be twisted and woven with her new level’s belt as a reminder to never forget what she has learn…

Fw: Stitchin' the Blues - Now at Embroidery Library!

These are so gorgeous, I had to share. I wish you could see the pictures here, but you'll have to go to the site. It's worth the clicks. Hello Corlleen:

We're knee-deep in January, and here in Minnesota, we've got the blues. The midwinter blues. Crafty that we are, we've cooked up crisp, cool new designs known as Delft Blue.

Delft Blue pottery is nearly 500 years old, and those gorgeous shades of blue remain a timeless and classic design trend. Scenes depicted on plates, vases, platters, cups, and saucers, reflect peaceful and serene Dutch scenes of years gone by.
New designs this week celebrate the beautiful art form known as Delft Blue. Fruit and flower arrangements are framed with graceful vines and lush blossoms. The result is designs that are sure to be a cozy addition to towels, table linens, quilts, cozies, and wall hangings.
As a special introductory offer, these new Delft Blue designs are on sale now - only $1 each! Click here to find them, and order today -…

Restore and Restyle with Mod Podge and a BIG Winter Sale!

I'm glad to hear decoupage is on its way back as a craft! It's a quick and easy way to make something unique. If you have problems reading this email Click Here for an online HTML version.

The beginning of a new year is a great time to restore and restyle! Learn about making the old anew in this article. See restore and restyle projects here.Stay warm and keep busy indoors with craft products we offer in the BIG Winter Crafts Sale!
Learn more on our Web site:

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How Clean is Your Kitchen?

Dinner Diva
This is a great article to share with your friends & family How Safe Is Your Kitchen?
By Leanne Ely, C.N.C.

Dirty dining reports are becoming quite popular with local news stations all around the country and are grossing out America at the same time. I'm sure you've seen it before; local reporters go into the kitchens of restaurants to see what health code violations they can find. I'll spare you the gory details, but it's usually one more reason I prefer to cook my meals at home.

But let me ask you-- how would your kitchen stand up to one of these inspections? I like to keep my sink shiny (thanks to FlyLady) and my pantry neat (thank you Rubbermaid) but as you may have seen in my pantry makeover blog just about a year ago, I found an old sprouting potato hiding in the dark recesses of my pantry. It happens!

So how safe is your kitchen? When is the last time you gave your fridge and freezer a good disinfecting? How old is the shelf liner in your cabinets? …

Rubba Scrubba to the Rescue!

I love, love, love my Rubba Scrubba from This has to be one of the all-time great things about being a Flybaby. (Don't you dare call me a maggot!) FlyLady just posted this list of all they can do. I've cleaned dishes, removed pet hair from furniture and crevices, and dusted my lampshades using mine.

Rubba Scrubbas to the Rescue!

Cleaning window screens

Cleaning vegetables

Cleaning dishes

Cleaning mud/etc. off the bottom of shoes

Sweeping up broken glass

Sweeping up dust around baseboards

Brushing off carpeted stairs

Cleaning fan and hairdryer vents

Cleaning grill vents

Scrubbing out yucky garbage cans

Picking up pet hair

Rubbing/combing your pet


Sweeping dirt out of tent

Brushing snow off of clothing

Brushing up lint (especially velvet lint)

Cleaning Dryer Lint screen

Cleaning lamp shades

Cleaning blinds

Cleaning window sills

Cleaning the divots and grooves in tile and linoleum

Cleaning dust off of ball caps

Cleaning crevices in paint

Scrubbing spots on …

Fw: Stress-Free Holiday Sewing

The scarf idea below is so great, I just had to share. Have you seen the Sewing With Nancy shows detailing those great remakes of scarves? I've already done one type several times. Now I'm on to more great scarves. They're a great way to accessorize without spending a fortune. Having problems viewing this email?
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Quilting Arts Gifts is a special issue of Quilting Arts Magazine devoted to the art of gift-giving! November 26, 2010Stylish Holiday Gift Sewing

Every year at about this time I start having crazy delusions of sewing handmade gifts for all my friends and family. And then I look at the calendar and count down the actual number of days I have to get all these projects done—and I panic. Why didn't I start making things in July? What was I thinking?
But then I get hold of myself, calm down, and make a realistic game plan. I decide to focus my handmade gift list only to the people who will appreciate it most like my crafty friend…