January To-Do-- The Witches' Belt

The Witches’ Belt

Spun craft can take a very useful and fashionable turn if you make yourself a cingulum. Depending on your tradition, the cord worn by a witch can have many different uses and meanings.

1. Cingulums are 4-1/2 feet in length so they may be used as a compass to draw the nine-foot circle of some traditions. Some other traditions demand that the cord itself be nine feet in length and wrapped around the body a minimum of three times when worn as a belt.

2. Postulants are bound with a cord for their initiation. In some traditions, this cord becomes their first cingulum. In some traditions, this cord is white to signify the novice. This is not true in all traditions.

3. Practitioners of ceremonial magick may have several knots in their cingulum to measure inner and outer Circles.

4. Some traditions may weave and join cingulums as a witch achieves rank, so her novice’s belt may be twisted and woven with her new level’s belt as a reminder to never forget what she has learned in the course of time.

In most traditions I know of, the cord is of some natural fiber such as cotton, hemp, silk, or leather. An innovative lady I knew bought 100% cotton clothesline and dyed it to suit her needs! Another used 100% perle cotton embroidery silks and wove them using macramé.

In some traditions, the cingulum is a necessity for more practical reasons than measuring a circle or defining a magic circle. Some traditions demand all non-magical jewelry and other necessities (like a watch) may not be worn due to how they may inhibit magic flow. Not to mention the annoyance of having one of these modern devices go off during the circle! (Turn off your cell phone! Don’t be rude.)

Of course, this also may include the cell phone, money, or other modern needs. Where does one secure all one’s expensive and precious items? Why, in a belt pouch of course! Where does a belt pouch hang? From the cingulum. That way, your modern necessities may remain safely upon your person and yet not affect the flow of magic.

How you make your belt depends upon your tradition and your personal magick just as much as it depends upon your ability to twist, knot and weave. Many choose to hang not only a pouch, but also charms, pendants, stones, crystals, beads, and any other ornamentation their fancy and wallet can afford.

Give it a try!


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