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St. Patrick's Day-- Gazed Corned Beef

I keep apricot preserves around for this same reason. They make the most delightful glazes! If only I could keep the preserves from ending up in peanut butter sandwiches and lunchboxes, I'd get to use it that way. LOL!

St. Patrick's Day-- Ginger-Lime Iced Green Tea


My granddaughter's Fairy Quilt

I'm proud of this quilt.

So proud, I'm bragging on two of my blogs, even my writing blog! LOL!!  I got the pattern from
Next time, I'm going to challenge myself to do this quilt:
Did you know quilting and other needle arts can be charms? Yup, and they were for centuries. With love and blessings in every stitch, how could they not be? That's why there are wedding quilts, quilts for baby, and the latest trend-- quilts for soldiers. National Quilting Day is March 20, and you can bet I'll be at my machine after I get off work. Here's the best free pattern I've found for all those charities (pink ribbons instead of yellow, for instance): That pattern is merely squares sewn together, so it's easy for anyone. You can do it! Need help? Go to any good quilting sh…