My granddaughter's Fairy Quilt

I'm proud of this quilt.

So proud, I'm bragging on two of my blogs, even my writing blog! LOL!! 
I got the pattern from

Next time, I'm going to challenge myself to do this quilt:

Did you know quilting and other needle arts can be charms? Yup, and they were for centuries. With love and blessings in every stitch, how could they not be? That's why there are wedding quilts, quilts for baby, and the latest trend-- quilts for soldiers. National Quilting Day is March 20, and you can bet I'll be at my machine after I get off work. Here's the best free pattern I've found for all those charities (pink ribbons instead of yellow, for instance):
That pattern is merely squares sewn together, so it's easy for anyone. You can do it! Need help? Go to any good quilting shop and ask! They're happy to help a beginner, and some offer inexpensive classes. Believe me when I say shopping at a good quilt shop is worth the additional expense. You'll get top quality fabric, one-on-one attention, and the enthusiastic cooperation of someone who loves what they do.

Cross-stitchers, don't feel left out! Your magick is just as good! Use the pattern of the ribbon quilt to design a simple cross-stitch bookmark or tote panel. Have fun with this, and "tie one on" for all those who need a little blessing. One of the most beautiful quilts on exhibit at the huge quilt show I saw last fall was huge 10" hand embroidered panels the quilter's mother hand-stitched all her life. To celebrate her mother, the quilter made them into an award-winning quilt suitable for heirloom status. What a wonderful way to remember someone's art.


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