Reading with my Grown Kids

Seems an odd choice for a pagan blog, right? Well, if you haven't learned by now from all my previous posts that being pagan is all-pervasive in one's life, I'm sorely disappointed. Okay, I'll explain for the new guys.

At this time of year, most of us are shut inside, and many of us pick up some sort of hand craft, needlework, or project to do. Some, if not all, of us do this in front of the television. We may enjoy a movie, a favorite tv show, or worst of all just use it for subliminal background noise. Even I caught myself humming mindlessly to ad jingles the other day while I sorted out my needlework silks for an upcoming project. (shudder)

My kids are mostly grown and gone, but one or two return to visit or even stay on a temporary basis. However, even over the phone one of our favorite activities is "storytime." Two of us are published authors, two are book reviewers, and all of us love to share what we read. Three of us are famous for "storytime" even if two of my daughters are still back in Denver. All of us own headsets we can attach to our phones, pop on the earpieces, drop the phone into a convenient pocket or bra, and proceed to wander around the house engaging in normal household activities while we share one another's lives or read to each other. Many times, one or more of the three on the three-way calling feature is/are doing handcrafts.

Now think about how you can accomplish this feat. Do you have a friend or relation to share time? More? Super! All you need are portable phones, a headset, three-way calling, and a craft/task to occupy your fingers.

You can take turns reading to one another. Bet you haven't read aloud since you were twelve, have you? It's good for you. Who cares if you stumble and don't have perfect delivery? These are your friends and family, not critical professionals. The point is to enjoy a story and share your discoveries of great books. As I've pointed out, I do this with my daughters in Denver because I have unlimited long distance. Sue and Merri can share the same phone by putting me on speaker, then we three-way Tuesday in for a "legal" four-way conversation.

All of us are hooked on Mary Janice Davidson's Queen Betsy. Officially that's the "Undead and _____" series. There's nothing like screaming with laughter at Queen Betsy's oblivious blondeness as she runs in expensive high heels through her paranormal adventures. Next, I think I'll try the Sookie Stackhouse adventures. What's not to love about a waitress in the Deep South dealing with the paranormal?

This is not to say we only read to one another. We also share "finds" like new craft projects. For instance,, and have pages of free projects to download like an adorable snow-covered red birdhouse, embellished gloves to give as gifts, modge-podge Christmas trees, and beaded name bracelets. We go crazy scanning and sending recipes, crafts, and news articles to discuss in addition to storytime.

I've also been hooking the girls on using their sewing machines, so more projects from are in our future! For instance, I make stuffed bears, dogs, and bunnies. (See picture above.)
Anyway, one reads while the others work. Sometimes we switch off. Tuesday reads the latest from her writing, we critique, then I have a turn. It works for keeping the creative juices flowing, and occasionally someone comes up with a phrasing the others wouldn't. It works. Try it.


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