Mistletoe Magic

Let us consider the mistletoe, long held sacred by the Druids of old. The tradition of kissing beneath the mistletoe has an ancient past, because mistletoe is a symbol of fertility. The next time you kiss someone beneath those lovely dark leaves and white berries, remember to focus your will to tell the fertility magic where to go. Fertility of the mind? Fertility of the body? Or perhaps a bit of fertility of the wallet instead? LOL!

A sprig of mistletoe or a small pouch containing leaves and twigs of mistletoe can be hung over your headboard of your bed as an amulet if you want that kind of fertility, or simply hang a sprig or two over a doorway to invite fertility into your home.

Don't forget to wear a little mistletoe in your hair as you cast your circle on Yule to welcome the God back, whether you choose to welcome the Sun God, the Oak King, or any other version of reborn God you choose.

Please feel free to make a misteltoe kissing ball if you like. They're simple to do! Purchase two large circles of metal with a screw called hose clamps in the size that fits your need. Remember they are adjustable. I suggest spray painting it a nice green, but you may use any of the holiday colors that suit your fancy! Now glue or wire them together to make the four sides of the kissing ball. (I've seen up to five hoops used inside one another to create a cage for every sort of filling, but I'm fond of the simpler form. Do what you wish, of course.)

You may now glue or similarly attach whatever decorations suit you. Garland, boxwood, grapevine, pinecones, holly, English Ivy, and of course the ubiquitous poinsettia are all available as both fresh and silk varieties. I personally use florist's wire to attach evergreen bits from the Christmas tree lots, but I've seen a gorgeous kissing ball covered in nothing more than red cellophane with one sprig of mistletoe nestled in the bottom of the ball!

Tie a bright bow at the top, and hang your kissing ball where your family and guests will appreciate your artwork.


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