Towers of Sweets

Towers of Sweets

Hard-to-resist dessert pedestals are really metal candlesticks topped with clear glass plates. Fill them with chocolates, candies, cookies, or ornaments to enhance the mood.
I urge you to spend a bit of money and buy clear glass items either at craft stores or thrift stores and decorate them to suit each Sabbat and Esbat. Nothing puts you in the correct frame of mind than having a matched set of altar accoutrements "purposed" for the task at hand.
In fact, even your Sabbat altar and matching Cakes and Ale dinnerware can fit the mood and the season. What harm is it if the Yule offering plate has a picture of Santa (the epitome of the Holly King) or a lovely Yule tree, or in the depths of winter if the Imbolg plate has snowflakes painted on it? Or if you find a plate and cup with Easter bunnies on them, those too are symbols of our own holiday of Ostara/Eostar.
Use what you have, and make what you need. In this way, we embrace the pagan philosophy of going green by reusing and recycling.


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