Flames in the Snow -- Candles

Flames in the Snow
Flickering votive candles are staples of holiday decorating, but they don't have to be plain. Dress up painted terra-cotta pots by coating them in glittering "snow," and add wax snow (made by whipping melted wax) to top off the candles.
My blessed mother-in-law is a wonderful and truly Christian woman. She is the mother of six and grandmother of more than I can count, so you know she relishes frugality and practicality. She also believes in the old expression: "A bayberry candle burned to the socket brings food to the pantry and money to the pocket." Every Christmas Eve, my dear husband follows this family tradition.
Dante and I smile and add our own wishes for prosperity to this lovely old act. We do believe that burning bayberry candles both at Yule and Christmas are lovely charms. The fact that we secretly annoint the candles in magnetic oil and inscribe them with prosperity runes are simply our way of melding old traditions with no harm done.
Bayberry candles can be very difficult to find, so when you do, stock up.


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