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Why I love the 4th of July from Boomer Alley

Underneath the sarcasm and attitude, there's a sincere message about safety with fireworks. I also happen to agree with him about identifying idiots when they're small and grabbing 3000 F sparklers. Yeah. Feel free to share around. Gives the rest of the world another reason to laugh at us. Like they don't have enough already. "Stupid rich Americans..." Granted and stipulated. We are rich Americans. We like being rich Americans. This is one of the many ways we identify the stupid members of our population. You see, Darwin was right. In nature, stupidity is self-correcting.
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Eight Surprising Uses for Olive Oil

Okay, color me surprised. And here I thought it was just great for cooking! 1. Ease snoring-- I could make a lot of comments on this, but I won't. 2. Cure an ear ache-- This one I knew about, and warm oil does help. 3. Tame hair-- Oh, you know I'm trying this one! 4. Get healthy skin-- This is worth checking out. 5. Care for your cat-- Hmmm! I'll try this. Prince is fairly healthy, but a little oil in his food won't hurt him. 6. Free stuck zippers 7. Furniture polish, metal protector and leather conditioner-- Oh, boy! No more expensive polishes and conditioners. 8. Fix squeaky doors-- Okay, I'll give it a go. Why not? There were many more uses mentioned, but you can read for yourself. (wink)
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Circle of Ivy Meeting for June

This coming weekend, our group will be doing (drum roll, please!)


No, not the difficult kind with special equipment. The easy kind you do with either fresh or frozen fruit, some fruit pectin, lemon juice, and maybe a bit of sugar. I got this quickie primer from the instructions inside a box of "Sure-Jell Lower Sugar" fruit pectin.

Always use caution and follow directions for your manufacturer. Got it?

Always use clean, sterilized jars. Boiling them and the rings works. Use new flat jar lid centers every time.

Use the correct measuring devices. I use Pyrex liquid measuring cups with pour spouts for liquid measures, and metal dry measuring cups with a straight top edge for measuring sugar.

I use ripe fruit or frozen fruit. Over- or under-ripe fruit is not good eats.

Yes, I use a food processor and pulse. I like my jam with fruit bits. (Nom!Nom!Nom!)

Use the sugar called for. In this case, the sugar is needed for a proper set.

Measure everything in advance. The sugar is divid…

Fw: Saving Water, Eco-friendly Weddings, Green Autos and MORE!

The saving water article is very interesting. I might try the bottle in the toilet. It's a "green" thing to do without invasively (and expensively) changing my home.
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Save Sixty Gallons of Water Without Missing a DropWith summer on the horizon, it's time to start thinking about how to keep your water usage in check; drinking more, filling up the kiddie pool, watering the garden, and hosing off sandy feet post-beach all mean a daily consumption that's much higher than in the winter. But trimming your H20 intake doesn't have to mean drastically changing your life. Small actions—like putting a gravel-filled bottle in your toilet tank or cutting shower time by a few minutes -- can save about 35 ga…