Eight Surprising Uses for Olive Oil

Okay, color me surprised. And here I thought it was just great for cooking!
1. Ease snoring-- I could make a lot of comments on this, but I won't.
2. Cure an ear ache-- This one I knew about, and warm oil does help.
3. Tame hair-- Oh, you know I'm trying this one!
4. Get healthy skin-- This is worth checking out.
5. Care for your cat-- Hmmm! I'll try this. Prince is fairly healthy, but a little oil in his food won't hurt him.
6. Free stuck zippers
7. Furniture polish, metal protector and leather conditioner-- Oh, boy! No more expensive polishes and conditioners.
8. Fix squeaky doors-- Okay, I'll give it a go. Why not?
There were many more uses mentioned, but you can read for yourself. (wink)

Lena Austin



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