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The saving water article is very interesting. I might try the bottle in the toilet. It's a "green" thing to do without invasively (and expensively) changing my home.
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Planet Green    June 2, 2009 Newsletter
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Save Sixty Gallons of Water Without Missing a Drop
 With summer on the horizon, it's time to start thinking about how to keep your water usage in check; drinking more, filling up the kiddie pool, watering the garden, and hosing off sandy feet post-beach all mean a daily consumption that's much higher than in the winter. But trimming your H20 intake doesn't have to mean drastically changing your life. Small actions—like putting a gravel-filled bottle in your toilet tank or cutting shower time by a few minutes -- can save about 35 gallons of water each day, while mulching your garden provides a one-time payback of about 25 gallons. All together, you can save of loads water without ever feeling the heat.
How You Can Save 60 Gallons of Water Today!
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On TV   Steve Thomas   Greensburg  After a tornado tore through the town of Greensburg, Kansas, in 2007, the residents of the city decided to rebuild a town that would live up to its name. In this episode, the second season finale, see how they've done it. From a sustainable John Deere retailer to the high school's Green Club graduation, the town marks the two-year anniversary of the life-changing tornado with a little reflection and a lot of heart. Catch the season finale of Greensburg on Sunday, June 7 at 10 p.m.
Recipes and Crafts
Spread it generously.  Pick up fresh salmon from the farmer's market for a simple dinner.
Get your daily dose of omega-3s and fresh greens in one dish.
Inhale and say  Put a broken clock to work as a modern art piece.
Once its timekeeping days are over, give it a new life in four easy steps.
Impress your guests.  Bulk up your meal with protein-rich chickpea salad.
Add feta cheese for a tasty Mediterranean touch.
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