Circle of Ivy Meeting for June

This coming weekend, our group will be doing (drum roll, please!)


No, not the difficult kind with special equipment. The easy kind you do with either fresh or frozen fruit, some fruit pectin, lemon juice, and maybe a bit of sugar. I got this quickie primer from the instructions inside a box of "Sure-Jell Lower Sugar" fruit pectin.

Always use caution and follow directions for your manufacturer. Got it?

Always use clean, sterilized jars. Boiling them and the rings works. Use new flat jar lid centers every time.

Use the correct measuring devices. I use Pyrex liquid measuring cups with pour spouts for liquid measures, and metal dry measuring cups with a straight top edge for measuring sugar.

I use ripe fruit or frozen fruit. Over- or under-ripe fruit is not good eats.

Yes, I use a food processor and pulse. I like my jam with fruit bits. (Nom!Nom!Nom!)

Use the sugar called for. In this case, the sugar is needed for a proper set.

Measure everything in advance. The sugar is divided and used in two separate "pours" into the jam. Do this ahead of time. I've seen a pot boil in the time it took to answer a phone call.

Okay! Remember, I'll see you all at the usual time. Wash, hull, pit, whatever your fruit before arriving, please.


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