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The Practical Pagan

The Practical Pagan

MM, Ave, 96's, hellos, and all greetings. Welcome to my blog on living your religion as a pagan.I will state frankly that I saw myself and others becoming the classic, "sabbath-go-to-meeting" that I had so despised in my parents as Christians.I realized that I had slipped into that mindless state of going to Sabbats (when it was convenient) and then allowing my religion to just lay dormant until next Sabbat when I might wax enthusiastic for a day or two.Please try to keep in mind that I am a retired High Priestess of the Wiccan faith with a bad habit of putting things in Wiccan terminology. Please feel free to translate to your own belief system.If I use a term you don't know, forgive me and ask if you can't puzzle it out.

1) acceptance of the truth or actuality of anything without certain proof. In other words, FAITH. You believe a certain way without having proof that it is the absolute (or only) tru…

Jello Jigglers for Eostar

Making Jello Jigglers for Eostar is an easy way to make fun finger food to feed the entire coven with little to no effort. All you need are the molds, hot water, and the necessary amount of Jello.

You can buy the molds here:

An Alternate is to use cookie cutters. I have a pile of cutters for every holiday.
Prep: 10 minutes
Stir 2-1/2 cups boiling water (DO NOT add cold water!) into 4 pkgs (4-serving size each) gelatin in a bowl. Stir three minutes to ensure the gelatin is completely dissolved.Pour into a 13x9 pan, or the molds.Refrigerate 3 hours or until completely set.

Dip bottom of pan or molds in warm water about fifteen seconds to loosen.Remove from the mold OR cut into shapes and lift them gently from the pan using a spatula.While jigglers remain fairly firm, I do recommend storage in the refrigerator until serving and the same for leftovers. Gel food colorings from any good craft store also, if you need sp…