Evergreen and Holly Decor-- The Wreath

Wreath Basics

Wreath making is one of the easiest ways to begin working with flowers, since it usually starts with a pre-made structure. Wreath bases come in many forms, including straw, grapevine, evergreen, foam and wire. Wreaths can be round, square, or a freeform shape; no matter what the shape, they are basically built decorated in the same way.

To attach decorations to your wreath, you will need floral wire, or a glue gun and glue sticks. For floral wire, use any color or size of paddle wire with which you are comfortable. Use wire cutters rather than scissors, since wire may dull or chip a scissor blade. Low temp glue can be used on wreaths that will not be placed outside exposed to the elements. Heavier decorations, such as fruit, should be both wired and glued in place. The goal, whether gluing or wiring, is to attach the decorations without allowing the method of attachment to show.

When wiring in decorations, it is best to run the wire through the wreath, not just wrap it around the wreath. Exposure to weather or the weight of the decoration may cause wire wrapped around the wreath to slip, causing all of your decorations to be pointed at the floor!

Items that can be used to decorate a wreath are as limitless as your imagination. Here are some suggestions: silk flowers; dried flowers; fruits; vegetables; berries; ribbon; bows; lace; doilies; beads; fabric; birds; bird nests; birdhouses; greenery; leaves; twigs; miniatures; stuffed animals; dolls; clay pots; galvanized tins; wooden signs; whirlygigs; raffia.

The possibilities are endless. Choose your decorations to suit your d├ęcor. If the wreath will be a gift, personalize the wreath with favorite colors, or symbols of hobby or interest. You can also plan the wreath to coordinate with a certain room. A kitchen wreath might be decorated with various fruits and greenery, while a wreath for a bathroom might be lovely with seashells and delicate ribbons. For a child's room or door, use dolls or stuffed bunnies and bears to decorate your wreath, and add a painted wood sign with the child's name. A laundry room might have a wreath with little bear sweaters or doll clothing. Flowers brighten any room, so add a tuck of brilliant blooms into a wreath for your living room.

For the Yuletide season, your choices explode with possibilities. All those decorations that work on the tree work just as well in a wreath, and need I mention the craft stores and their miniature decorations for miniature trees? Think outside the box and look at your theme. Mine is a very iridescent "magickal" color scheme in blue, silver, purple, and mauve. Therefore I ransacked not only the floral section, but also the jewelry section where I found silver charms and semi-precious stones to tuck and glue in among the ribbons and silk holly I spray-painted to match. (Hint: El-cheapo "evergreen" garland spray paints very well!)

Need I remind you that wreaths decorated and sprinkled with a bit of your own magicks become gifts of protection, prosperity, and other fine non-harmful spells to give friends and family? All you need to say is, "This gift carries my good wishes for ______ you and your family." Hand it over with a smile.


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