The Kitchen Witch at Yuletide

I'm assuming you've been following my blogs, both my new one here and my old one at this old address: long enough to figure out I'm a kitchen witch.

I wish I lived in a cute little white-washed cottage with a thatched roof and a big old fireplace, but instead I live happily with modern plumbing and a furnace. A stove does me just fine for my witchery, or the grill outside when I feel it's important. The interior ceiling of my laundry room is occasionally festooned with bunches of herbs and braids of onions and garlic in their seasons.

Still, I am a kitchen witch. I am content to stir my pot in a sunwise direction and use herbs, salts, and spices to create my magicks. My wand stays happily on my altar and I'll stir my dishes with an olive wood or bamboo spoon, thank you.

Magick goes in every dish I make because I remember that each ingredient brings its own energies to the meal. Salt cleanses and heals. The herbs and seasonings not only provide flavor, but also the energies of the plants they came from. I remember to thank the animal that provided the meat, and I love to shop for the seasonal vegetables to remind me of the Wheel of the Year.

Most of all, I am aware of all this at Yuletide season, when I spend my days preparing sweets to wish upon my friends and family all the sweet things in life for the coming year. Every cookie shape I cut has that wish, and every gift from my kitchen gives the recipient a bit of that magic to take home for the coming year.

Soon, the cold winds will blow even here in the Deep South where I live. I'll soon hole up with my coven for a time of cozy chats with warm teas while we create the quilts and other crafts so beloved of my crafty friends. Next month, we will delve into those handcrafted arts-- yarn work such as knitting and crewel, knot magick, magical embroidery stitches, altar cloths, amulet bags, and of course the famous quilts.

Those who are interested may sit with me and learn of witchcraft, and in the fullness of a year and a day, may make their first Initiate's belt, and perhaps even their first ritual robes.

But for now, I'll stir my pots of brews, make candles and soaps, and create gifts to see my dearest friends through the coming year. Some of these arts I'll share with you.



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