The Yule Fire-- Ashes in a Bottle

If you are fortunate enough to have a fireplace or outdoor burning of the Yule Log, don't forget to gather the ashes and save an unburned portion as a powerful amulet of protection.

I personally don't hold with this "a sacred fire should never be put out" nonsense. Sorry, but when the outdoor sabbat is over, it is polite to ensure there won't be a forest fire later. Douse that thing! Your fireplace flame depends a great deal on your personal comfort levels. I had a woodburning stove that served well as my fireplace for many years, and I was quite content to let the fire burn down of its own accord overnight, knowing very little could go wrong.

However, I would not do so with a big old fireplace. I'd bank the logs and ashes thriftily and safely. All it takes is one pop and I'd have a house fire to worry about. The fire elementals had to deal with my controls.

I bottled my Yulefire ashes and sealed the top. Old glass spice bottles with glass stoppers from the thrift store sealed well with a bit of wax. Keeping those not far from the entrances to my home (including the chimney) ensured a bit of protection from harm. Every Yule, I take my old bottles, break the wax seal, sprinkle the old used ash on the firepit, and then lay my Yule Sabbat fire.

Now you'll sing, "See the blazing Yule before us, Fa la la la la!" with a bit more gusto, won't you?


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