January Traditions-- Yaaarn!

Knitting and crocheting are the most obvious forms of yarn work, and in the depths of winter they’re a handy craft to know! (No pun intended.) I’ve spent many a winter day snuggled under a crocheted or knitted project, and was almost sorry to give it away!

While both will always have their proponents, even those who are intimidated by the needles and hooks can do the plastic knitting looms currently available in many craft stores.

Do I expect you to knit a sweater or sock your first time? Heck no! The joy is in the learning, and sometimes even a simple knitted square is a triumph with a use. My dear friend makes the most wonderful hand-knitted and crocheted face cloths that beat plain old terry cloth face cloths hands down!

Even I can manage face cloths, and I freely admit yarn crafting isn’t my favorite fiber art. However, my lack of enthusiasm hasn’t stopped me from making the occasional stocking hat, beret, washcloth, or even a bag or two.

So, be a kid again. Pick up a simple loom and notice they’re circles and ovals. What could be more pagan than weaving a spun fiber like yarn into beautifully colored and useful items? Go ahead and give it a try. Share the loom with a friend.


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