Thread Painting

I think I just discovered a new and fun way to play with my threads-- thread painting. Thread painting --by my definition-- is the art of using all those lovely thread colors to create a picture using stitches programmed into my sewing machine. Example:

Note that the leaves on the left are rather plain. Pretty, but plain, despite the use of a bit of gold dye in the manufacturing. The same set of leaves on the right were thread painted using a simple orange Coats and Clark thread, and my plain old everyday running stitch. Now they really stand out!

That was just playing and experimenting. Right now, I want to go play with everything! I must calm down, but I see many possibilities with this. I look forward to attempting new and interesting things in the coming months. After all, I only stitched the veins of the leaves. I can well imagine stitching up the entire inside of a circle in a spiral (which is so very symbolic), just like I do with Russian Punch Needle, only infinitely easier!

Snowflakes anyone? (grin) Now think of all the symbols available that could be simply "filled in" with simple stitches. Mabon is almost here, so think of all the fall leaves and apples to stitch. Samhain? Really? Must I explain a ghost or pumpkin stitched up? Hmm. has a lovely set of hand embroidery patterns for each of the Eight Sabbats for cheap. I might just have to fork over a few dollars for the set. New altar cloths, here I come!


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