Fun and Done Quilting

I learned a new technique at Quiltfest this weekend that I love. It's called "Fun and Done" Quilting, and uses a product called "Batting Buddy." Everyone who knows me is aware of how little time and money I have for quilting, so every little bit helps. This technique, when combined with what I already know using the Cotton Theory Quilting, makes the perfect quilting. By themselves they're both great techniques, but when added together, it's magic for me.

The Batting Buddy (see picture above) is a two-part template that means no measuring! Take the inner square and cut your batting to fit. If you're using a foundation fabric, this is also the tool to make it fit as well. (When using the Cotton Theory, see the next paragraph.

The frame is your template for the backing. Note that each backing piece could be a different fabric, so this is a great way to get rid of those 10" blocks or fat quarters.

It also can be your basic cutting size for the top block if you're using the Cotton Theory and want to embroider everything instead of machine stitch. You'll cut it down to match the batting after embroidery. (I know, wasteful! However, depending on your embroidery machine and your comfort zone, you may need the extra size.)


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