Circle of Ivy Plans for meetings

Circle of Ivy Plans for Meetings


1. All members please forward your work/social schedules for the weekend of May 1 -3 to my private email. We are trying to coordinate for a Beltane celebration that weekend. We are planning the usual two balefires as discussed, so please bring all fireproof items requiring cleansing.

2. May 17 foods--

Karen-- deviled eggs
JJ- Twinkies
Lee-- chocolate cake
Dave-- Strawberry soda or other strawberry beverages

We will likely be dipping strawberries in chocolate, so please bring fresh strawberries (if available). If no fresh strawberries are in season, we will substitute another dish or craft. If the weather is nice, we may grill out.


1. This is the time of year for pickling and preserving. Just as we did last year, we may indulge in pickling the cucumbers from the covenstead garden if they are ready. We are also planning to make fruit preserves. Please bring your own fresh or frozen fruit of your choice, and a box of fruit pectin as shown in the last meeting. Jelly sized mason jars are a plus.

2. Please be on the lookout while garage sale shopping or at thrift stores for a food mill and/or sausage grinder.

3. Because our usual meeting date falls on Father's Day and Litha simultaneously, a cookout has been planned. Please bring items you wish to grill according to your dietary requirements. Condiments and iced teas will be provided. Breads, sodas, and chips must be brought in.


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