Recipe: Rhubarb Sauce Plus Citrus Sugars

This sauce is so perfect over ice cream, you just won't believe it. Rhubarb is the chameleon of the sauce world. Add it to frozen strawberries and it tastes like strawberries. Add it to a frozen berry mix and it tastes like the mix! Amazing stuff. Keep this on hand. Rhubarb is cheap because so many people don't know what to do with it. Best of all, you can grow your own. I grew it even in the dry, cold climate of Denver.

Use an orange you buy at the same time as the rhubarb. Pull out the Y-shaped vegetable peeler and shave off the peel. You can dry the extra peel, or put it in a jar packed in plain old sugar. It stores well. Best of all, the peels flavor the sugar! I keep lemon peels packed in sugar and orange peels packed in sugar. They flavor plain old sugar cookies to sublime levels.

Think how much money you just saved over buying the dried peels from the spice aisle!


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