A side note on applique quilting

Never ask an advanced quilter how to do applique. You'll get a non-answer of, "Oh, there's hundreds of ways. I really can't begin to tell you all the various techniques." Then you get a discourse of on the various kinds of appliques most favored by that quilter that may or may not be for the beginning quilter, except you don't even understand the terms. After beating my head against a wall, I gave up.
Today I just watched the second in a three-part series about applique from the tv show, Sewing With Nancy (http://www.nancysnotions.com/product/sewing+with+nancy/books/applique+know+how+workbook.do?search=basic&keyword=BK2314&sortby=newArrivals&page=1) and I was really impressed. Finally, I got to see a demonstration I not only understood, but was equipped to do. Amazing!
Between that show (I want the book and DVD set) and some very patient instruction from Ruth Brittain and Sandy Hamilton of my guild, I get it at long last. I more than get it. I want to play so badly, I'm having a hard time not incorporating applique into my current projects.  
I'm restraining myself (barely) until after the holidays. Right now there are specific projects to finish, like last-minute holiday gifts, a Santa suit (don't ask!), two quilts, and a repair of an embroidery I did last year. Then I get to play. I hope. Umm...would someone put a bug in DH's ear that I want the book and DVD set for Christmas?

Lena Austin


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