Sabbat Boxes Reprised Post

Originally, this was posted just after Eostar. You're smart enough to get the idea.

Do you ever find yourself wondering where you put your Sabbat decorations? Have you even bothered with a collection to use from year to year because it's too much trouble? Stacking Sabbat boxes with drawers are the way to go! They fit neatly in a closet or storage area and keep you from going overboard.

I invested in large plastic storage boxes a while back, and each is labeled with a different Sabbat. I got the ones that stack and have clear plastic drawers. They cost less than $10 each. By using a brand the store keeps in stock at all times, you can go back every couple of months to pick up one or two until you have enough.

All my decorations, recipes and flea market finds appropriate to each Sabbat are stored there. As soon as one Sabbat is done, in the box it goes and the next Sabbat's stuff is out and ready.

I take my books and mark each recipe that is appropriate then spend a few minutes in Kinko's with a friendly copier. Afterwards, the recipes can be put in a binder and stuffed in the appropriate Sabbat box.

If last month's issue of Better Homes and Gardens is still around, cut out the recipes and stuff it in the Eostar box for great recipes and crafts for next year.

I highly recommend subscribing to magazines that offer seasonal things to do. Bon Appetit, Southern Living, and even Good Housekeeping or Woman's Day are good starts and well worth the money spent. You will never run out of great ideas this way.

Those ubiquitous stuffed and ceramic bunnies are on sale in the spring. Grab them and put them in the Eostar box. Don't put perishables like candy in there, but canned goods are fine. Haven't you ever wandered by a sale table and thought, "That would be great for X Sabbat!" Well, grab it if you have the cash. I saw a red goblet one year that was perfect for Mabon (since red is one of the main colors for Mabon) for a mere 50 cents. From the change at the bottom of my purse, I had a great goblet for my Mabon altar!

Another great place to spend a buck or two is the fabric store. I'll go into detail on this later, but you don't have to know how to sew to make great altar cloths. Just look at the seasonal fabrics and grab one yard. Now wander to the notions aisle and pick up a product called Stitch Witch in a roll. With an ironing board and a bit of time, you can have seasonal altar cloths to fit every Sabbat, moon, and special event.

There are Bride books out all the time for Beltane. Grab them and spend time cutting out all those great decorating ideas and recipes. Try those you can and stuff them all in your Beltane box for "goodies" for next year.

The next time you go to the flea market, think Sabbats. Bet you find things like grape-shaped jello molds for Mabon, platters with wheat sheaves for Lammas, and a crazy-looking sunflower vase for Litha. Think about it...

Do this month-by-month and watch your decorating ideas and recipes grow with good seasonal things to eat and do!


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