National Curb Day Today! I'm so there.

I love this idea! I have a pile of stuff that didn't sell in my garage sale last month. Why not put it out on the curb and let the neighbors have it? Last time I put a refrigerator on the curb, it took less than an hour for two guys and a truck to grab it and run. We waved and wished them well from our window.
I'm doing this today!
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Friday, May 15 2009


Curb Day: How to empty your house of old junk (this Saturday)

(Photo: Jim Green / Getty Images) Want to ditch your unwanted possessions and find new treasures, too? Try the first national "Curb Day" this Saturday, May 16, when, thanks to the effort of one man with a penchant for trash, people around the country will swap old but useable stuff by leaving it curbside for passersby to pick up, take home, and make their own. What better way to put into practice the green mantra: Reduce, reuse, recycle? It may take time for Curb Day to ... More on this story >>

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