The Power Vampires are Eating You Alive!

This is true!! I ran an experiment, recording the power useage with all my crap plugged but not in use, and then with it all unplugged or shut off using off switches on the power strips. OMG!! The savings are incredible. Go ahead. Try it for yourself. My Mom turned me on to this one. (pun intended)
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Friday, May 29 2009

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Vampire power costs

There's a lot of interest in the fact that many electronic devices in our homes are using energy even while they are turned off or not being used.  But, how much money do these energy vampires really suck up? For many people, the standby power used by one device will seem minuscule, but the costs can add up when you take into account just how many things we all have plugged in. What's more, many households, have multiple televisions, computers, cordless phones, and others. All... More on this story >>

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