Fabric Scraps Bowl--Make a Gift!

Fabric Scraps Bowl

Crafts Supplies for Fabric-Scraps Bowl
What you'll need:
Crafts Supplies for Fabric-Scraps Bowl
  • 45x1 strips of fabric
  • 100-percent-cotton rope, approximately 1/4-inch diameter
  • Decorative thread for bobbin
  • Regular sewing thread for top

Instructions for Fabric Scraps Bowl
1. Cut fabrics into 45x1-inch strips. (The number of strips needed is determined by how much they are overlapped on the rope.) Wrap a fabric strip over one end of the rope, slightly overlapping fabric so the rope does not show through. Coil fabric-wrapped rope; hand-tack at center.
2. Continue wrapping rope with fabric, adding strips randomly or in a pattern, and coiling fabric-wrapped rope, machine-zigzag-stitching to secure the coils together. Shape bowl by angling coils upward while zigzag-stitching.
3. When desired shape and size is reached, cut rope, wrap end with fabric, and secure with zigzag stitches. Trim off fabric.

Posted By Lena Austin to CrafteeChix at 8/31/2010 10:41:00 AM


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