Mabon Incense

I repeat this incense every year because it's the best I've found. Note this is the type where you mix a powder, then sprinkle on a briquette. No, I don't mean one of those toxic charcoal briquettes you use on the grill. Here's a LINK to the correct type. Scroll down, you'll see them. Look in the links section of this blog and buy your herbs and oils from reputable shops. If you want to burn chemical powders and sniff them, there's a dealer in the red light district. You want the good natural stuff, you pay for it.

Why a powder instead of just buying already made? Same reason as above --no chemicals you have to worry about. I don't see the point of loading the air with more chemicals than necessary. The idea here is to cleanse the air and perfume it, not pollute it.

While you're at it today, say a little prayer and light a little incense for those lost in the 9/11 Tragedy.


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