Aphrodesiac Bath

I admit, I'd have trouble making this particular Aphrodesiac mix. First off, I can't get myrtle or acacia from Earth Gifts. I can substitute gum arabic for the acacia, and myrtle essential oil for the myrtle flowers, though.

To me, this mix is more trouble than it's worth. Good grief, if you have this much trouble getting frisky with a willing partner, then something is definitely wrong. If your lover is willing, then soap may be the only aphrodesiac you need. After all, we wouldn't want to coerce.

If lighting a red candle, throwing some rose petals on the bed, and getting naked doesn't put my lover in the mood, then I'd better give it up for the evening. However, as part of a night of passion with the lover of my dreams, I might take the trouble.
The beauty bath is always a worthwhile investment. When you feel beautiful, you are beautiful.



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