A Gift for Yule-- Stratified Spices

What could be simpler and easier than creating these layered spices? Why, doing something "witchy" of course!

Okay, now we step outside the cowan box. Think of mixing your own herbal creations, such as some of the bath mixes I'll post later in the weeks ahead. Wouldn't it be nice to give a person a money bath mix in a container that matches his/her bathroom? How about a Citrus Cleanse bath salt?

Now let's really pump up the magick and put in a money symbol painted, etched, or drawn on the jar in green. How about a green bow, or some green crystals on the top?

Are you getting ideas now?


OMG, this is a FANTASTIC idea, Lena! In fact, it's something I've been considering doing-- a gift in a jar-- ala some of my favourite recipes and such for gift giving.

Doing it for bath salts and more would be great fun too.
Lena Austin said…
Glad you like it, Cyn. I'm posting those bath recipes in multiples, grouping them together when I find like spells.

I found lovely apothecary jars in Michael's, and now that I know I can order my favorite essential oils online, I'm all over this.

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