November's Practical Pagan- Bath Sachets, Soaps, Salts, and Candles

I found my old copy of "Incenses, Oils, and Brews" by Scott Cunningham the other day. It had been lost for a few weeks, buried in some other research material until I needed it, apparently. The poor thing is so old, it falls into many pieces without careful handling, but the scents wafting up from this well-used book cannot be duplicated.

We'll talk about Bath Sachets first. They're easy and cheap.

However, I have deviated slightly from Mr. Cunningham's excellent work in but one important regard: I can and will use the same commercial herbal teas I drink to bathe in. I'm not above dumping in two or three teabags of "Constant Comment" or "Celestial Seasonings' Honey Chamomile" when I don't have the time/money/energy to create an herb bath from scratch.

I do recommend strongly that you do not simply dump the herbs in your bath water unless you enjoy finding rosemary sprigs in painful places! You do not have to get fancy, either. Pick up some cheesecloth at the grocery store and use a square of that. If your herbs are very fine or powdery, double or triple the layers. Tie it all up with a bit of string or a rubber band, and add it to the bath.

You may also wish to "go green" and recycle an washcloth by making a herb sachet out of it. I personally think this is a fine way to go, but I long ago used up my old ratty washcloths to hold soap slivers.

I'll repeat what Mr. Cunningham said: Using the sachets is simple. Fill the clean tub with warm water. Place the sachet in the tub and let it steep until the water is colored and scented. Soak until the water cools and you feel you're done.

Because I take showers, I'll use the sachet packet as my soap carrier and scrub my body with it. This is why later I'll go into making soaps as well. Between the soaps, the sachets, a candle, and maybe a cup of tea, I feel I've done all the energy gathering I can to do the job, whatever the goal is. Always remember -- Harm None!


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